Zorbing for two, Edinburgh

  • One of the UK's fastest Zorbing 'Courses'
  • Reach speeds up up to 30mph
  • Choose from either Hydro or Harness Zorbing

The team experience two very different types of zorbing experiences ‘Harness’ and ‘Hydro’.
Whilst both involve tumbling down the hill in a massive padded ball, they are surprisingly very different experiences as some the Gift Experience Scotland team found zorb2out.

Harness Zorbing
This is perhaps the more ‘traditional’ type of Zorbing experience. Going together, two at a time we climbed/ crawled in to the zorb and were securely fastened in with a harness facing each other. From the top of the zorbing run we were very aware of the steep hill that we were about to roll down but there wasn’t much time for contemplation as once the safety gate that was preventing us from rolling down the hill was opened… we were off!

With every roll, we bounced and with every bounce, we shrieked! Plunging down the hill in a giant inflatable ball, rolling over and over – it is a very different sensation to anything either of us had experience before but after the initial shock of going head over tail, it was hilarious fun! This is one of the fastest zorbing ‘courses’ in the UK and you reach speeds of up to 30mph so in total it took about 30 seconds to get to the bottom of the track (but it felt like longer!).waterzorb2

Climbing out of the zorb at the end of the run we were shaking with adrenalin and giggling uncontrollably – this really is an incredibly exhilarating experience!

Hydro Zorbing
With Hydro Zorbing, prepare to get wet, VERY wet! Climbing to the top of the course, dressed in shorts and tshirts with swimming costumes on underneath we were instructed to throw ourselves in to the zorbing ball (which incidentally was already filled with fresh, cold water!). Once inside, we were told to try and stand up, side by side, facing down hill – which is no mean feat in a wet, slippery, zorbing ball!waterzorb3

Within seconds, we were once again hurtling off down the hill. The best way to describe this experience is like a massive water slide that you are constantly slipping and sliding. Because you are not strapped in, at no point during hydro zorbing do you go upside down – it’s just a continual slide until you reach the bottom.

At the end of the hydro zorb, we were soaked to the bone and whooping with exhilaration and joy – this is a truly awesome fun experience!

Both experiences are brilliant and we would both highly recommend them. Harness zorbing is more suited to adrenaline junkies or those looking for something more ‘extreme’. Hydro zorbing meanwhile is perfect for anyone who is a little bit more nervous and it can also be done from a younger age, which makes it great for families.