Teen Supercar Driving Experience at Ingliston Edinburgh

  • The ultimate thrill for budding drivers; aged 12 - 16
  • Get behind the wheel of a thoroughbred supercar
  • Safety is paramount at this closed circuit event


When I was given the opportunity to try out the new Teen Supercar Experience, I jumped at the chance. Even though it was raining when I arrived, I was excited to see the cars and get started.

We went into the reception area and signed in and were sent upstairs to the ‘Briefing Room’ where one of the team explained a bit about the day and what we’d be able to do, as well as giving important health and safety instructions. All around the room, there were boards up showing you the different cars you’re able to choose from and their statistics!


I wasn’t sure which car to choose because they all looked so cool, but in the end I went for the Lamborghini Gallardo because I’d always wanted to go in one. For me, the Lamborghini stood out from all the other cars, just in the way it looked. There were three Lamborghini’s on the track; one white, one orange and one yellow, and I was able to drive the yellow one! Once I had decided on which car I wanted, I joined the queue for the car before the instructor came over to get me.

20813236_2030060257020148_1480562816_o-1First of all, I had to sit in the passenger seat as the instructor drove us over to the Teen Track. We then swapped seats and it was my turn in the driver’s seat. We discussed how all of the controls worked and then the car was all mine! As we were going around the track, the instructor kept giving me pointers on what I should do next, and when I should speed up or slow down.

It took me awhile to get used to the pedals and steering but the straight parts of the track were great fun as I was able to go much faster. I got to do three laps of the track and each one was more fun than the last as my confidence grew and grew! I knew I was safe at all times as the cars are all fitted with dual controls and the instructions I was given were really clear and easy to understand. Once we’d finished, I moved back into the passenger seat so we could drive back to the pit lane where the experience ended.samlambo

The instructor brought me back into the pit lane and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about my experience. Unfortunately, it was over for today, but before I had even left I already wanted to book my next one because it was so much fun!

I had an absolutely amazing experience in the supercar and I would recommend it to all of my friends, especially the Lamborghini because it’s the best car!