2 Car Supercar Driving Experience at Ingliston, Edinburgh

  • Choose from a fleet of thoroughbred supercars to drive
  • Opt to include passenger hot laps in the Ariel Atom
  • Professional photos available to purchase on the day

As I pulled up to park at the circuit, I could hear the supercars long before catching glimpses of them navigating the circuit. The sound of their engines was awesome – I was buzzing for this experience!

After checking in and filling out the necessary paperwork, I was advised the next safety briefing was about to begin.tt supercar1 The briefing consists of the rules of the road and a bit more about the layout of the track before giving a run down of the cars available to drive.

As I had an ‘Ultimate Supercar Experience’ which is a voucher to drive two cars, I opted for the Porsche GT3 and Nissan GTR – I was also lucky enough to have the passenger hot laps in the Atom to round off my day! Driving ‘Passport’ in hand, I made my way out to the track, joining the short queue for the Porsche first.

The event operates by using a queuing system; you line up for your chosen car to take your turn to drive. After waiting for about 10 minutes, I was up! The Porsche GT3 is so low tott supercar2 the ground; it is difficult to manoeuvre in and out gracefully!! Once in the driving seat (dignity in tact!) and after a brief introduction from the instructor, it was time to head out from the pits to the track.

The first part of the track has a couple of chicanes before heading up a straight to a tight, right hand, corner – the instructor quickly gauges your confidence and encourages you to get the most of the car, within your driving ability. This car can SHIFT, 0 – 60 mph in less than 4 seconds – so fast that I almost forgot that I needed to change gear. The 3 laps of the track were amazing and by the time you pull back in to the pits your adrenaline levels are HIGH!

My next car to drive was the Nissan GTR. Rumour has it that this is the instructors’ favourite in the fleet so I decided that I’d leave it until last. I loved driving this car! Unlike the Porsche, it has a paddle shift gearbox which you quickly get to grips with. Driving it round Ingliston Racing Circuit was SO much fun – I was grinning from ear to ear throughout – with that grin firmly on my face even after hopping back out of it at the tt supercar3pits.

To finish off my experience, I had the Ariel Atom hot laps. When driving round the circuit, every now and then you see the Atoms zoom past you – you think you are going fast until you see them in action. After donning a helmet, I was strapped in beside one of the professional drivers. Then tyres squealing, we were off. The Ariel Atoms are insane! It was such a thrill that by the time I got out of the car, my face hurt from smiling.

This Ultimate Supercar experience really was such an amazing way to spend an afternoon. I can not recommend it highly enough!