2 Hour Jet Ski Safari for two, Loch Lomond

  • A fun and exciting way to explore Loch Lomond and Inchmurrin Island
  • No previous experience is necessary
  • All equipment is included

When we found out that some of the team were being invited to try the Jet Ski Safari on Loch Lomond, everyone at Gift Experience HQ was desperate to go! As our lovely Fee said; “No one is ever sad on a jet ski!” and four of us were lucky enough to put this theory to the test.


We set off to beautiful Balloch on a June afternoon, excited for the adventure we were about to embark upon. When we arrived at the marina we were warmly greeted by our instructors, Kevin and Nick, who kitted us out in all the necessary equipment before taking us out to the shores of the loch where we saw our jet skis for the first time.  Then the excitement really set in…

We waded out to the jet skis and were helped aboard. The instructors showed each of us the basic controls of the jet ski and then we were off! Zipping across the water at speed, we were encouraged to follow the leader (Kevin in this instance!) out to Inchmurrin Island. We were able to go much faster than I expected (around 50mph at times), but had to slow down for the occasional wave which was ‘interesting’ as it made the jet ski jump along out of the water. Luckily, the loch is freshwater as anytime we hit a wave we got soaked! It was a blast!sandy-jet-ski

Upon reaching Inchmurrin Island we hopped off the jet skis for a wee wander around with our instructors giving us a rundown of the island’s history. This gave us a chance to catch our breath and for our heartbeats to return to normal before beginning the high speed journey back to shore. The loch was a lot less choppy on the return journey which allowed us to maintain a steady speed. Incredibly, the faster we went, the easier the jet ski was to control.

I was amazed that I managed to stay aboard my jet ski for the whole experience without falling off (well, until the very end when I was dismounting and ended up face first in the water!!)

lorena-edit1Once back on dry land, we headed to the changing rooms, although the water in Loch Lomond was surprisingly warm (probably due in part to our drysuits) it was amazing to get showered and warmed up.

This was such an exhilarating, wet and wild, experience with the added bonus of the spectacular landscape as a backdrop. We would highly recommend the jet ski safari, and we’ll definitely be returning, probably with the rest of the team!