The Highland Swing Experience, Perthshire

  • Try the UK's first and only permanent Bridge Swing bungee!
  • Swing from a platform 40 meters above the gorge below
  • Experience a short free fall before accelerating through an arc of 50 metres

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie so when I got the opportunity to have a go on the newly opened Highland Swing at the Killiecrankie Gorge, I literally jumped at the chance!

The day arrived and Jo and I journeyed up into the beautiful Perthshire countryside – it just so happened to be my birthday so this was a novel way to celebrate… I’d never done anything like this before and so was a bit apprehensive. Jo had a couple of bungees under her belt but I think she was still a little nervous too, judging how quiet she was on the trip north!

We arrived at the meeting point where we were checked in, then weighed and kitted out with a harness. Then after being given a safety briefing, we were loaded up into a minibus with our fellow experience goers and driven along to the bridge which we were going to swing from…

The bridge swing takes place from a specially designed swing platform underneath the Garry Bridge, 40 metres above the River Garry. It is the only permanent bridge swing of its kind in the UK. You access the platform from underneath the bridge, where you walk along a metal structure before being placed in a holding pen to await your turn. I was looking forward to watching everyone else to see what happened before taking the plunge myself. However, word had got out about it being my birthday and the instructors insisted that I go first.

Nervously, I was ushered to the swing platform where I was securely strapped into the ropes. I was instructed to sit down and then, whilst everyone gave a rousing rendition of happy birthday, the swing platform slowly moved back from underneath me and then, without warning, I dropped!!! 

The free fall was incredible – I couldn’t help but scream as I plummeted 15 meters down before the rope took the slack. The swing then accelerates you in a huge arc under the bridge, it is such a buzz – something I’ve never experienced before!

Once the swing was over, I was winched back up to the platform – grinning from ear to ear – and was ushered back to the viewing platform where I could watch Jo and everyone else take their turn.

This really was an adrenaline packed, unforgettable experience and a birthday I will never forget. I would urge everyone to give it a go and can’t wait to go again!