Bungee Jump Scotland, Perthshire

  • The UK's first static bungee and one of the highest!
  • Jump 40 meters from the Garry Bridge deep into the gorge below
  • Free-fall through the air at speed in excess of 50mph!

Two of us left Edinburgh for a drive to Perthshire on a stunningly sunny day in August – the best conditions for what was lying ahead of us! The drive up to Killiecrankie was beautiful and the site was easier to find than expected. Jack had never done a bungee jump before and although I had, we were both just as excited!

Once we arrived, the team greeted us and checked us in for our experience. The three of them were spot on with their service – you could tell they knew what they were talking about, but they also had a really enthusiastic spirit and relaxed vibe. They made us feel very at ease and couldn’t resist cracking some jokes before we took the jump off the edge.

We had to sign a safety waiver and then they weighed us to determine the thickness of the bungee rope before giving us our harnesses to put on. There were two other jumpers coming with us and we boarded the van together to embark on the one-mile drive to the jumping site. It didn’t take long until we were under the bridge, ready to climb up the ladder to the platform! In all honesty, for myself, climbing the ladder was the scariest part. Whatever you are afraid of, there is nothing to worry about though – the team kept us safe and secure at all times.

Once we got to the platform, it went by quickly! Before the actual jump, the instructors told us what to expect, how to execute the jump itself and how we would be brought back up. Then it began! They ensured we received the correct ropes, double-checked our harnesses were secure and fixed the bungee rope on our ankles before leading us to the edge of the platform. Jack jumped before me and as this was not my first bungee jump I thought I knew what to expect. However, once I stood at the edge my heart sank to my stomach, just like the first time!

From there, it was all a blur! I had my picture taken and then the team counted down 3… 2… 1… I knew that if I didn’t jump straight away I’d be hesitating on the end of the platform for ages so, without further ado, I dived head first off the 40-foot high platform into the depths of the River Garry gorge. The thrill as I plunged over the edge was just immense – the dopamine rush was instantaneous but despite how much fun it was I couldn’t help but scream!

The fall itself was likely over in a split second but it felt like longer as you waited for the bungee cord to catch you as you plunge towards the river below. There were quite a lot of rebounds and the view of the scenery was just incredible (even if I was enjoying it upside down!) This is the ultimate adrenaline rush, and experiencing it in the midst of the beautiful Scottish countryside was something I’ll remember for years!