Full Day Cookery Course at The Edinburgh School of Food and Wine

  • A practical cookery course which aims to meet the needs and satisfy the curiosity of all who attend
  • Recipients have the opportunity to choose from a range of themed regional days and speciality topics so they can cook their favourite style of food!
  • This full day course caters for all levels of experience; from the eager amateur to the total novice

Located in the grounds of a beautiful stately home lies the bake off tent… but in the grounds of a stately home on the outskirts of Edinburgh, there also sits a converted coach house which is home to the award-winning Edinburgh School of Food and Wine! It is here that Jen and I ventured to bake up a full day of yummy sweet treats…

We arrived for our chosen course on a bright Saturday morning – being ‘Bake Off’ fans we opted for a lesson which laid bare the mysteries of mastering macarons, marshmallows and eclairs. (If baking is not your thing, there are many different courses from regional cookery like Thai, Seasonal Scottish and Italian to skills-based courses such as Butchery, Bread and Fish & Shellfish.)

Upon arrival, we were met by the team who gave us our recipe booklets as well some coffee and cake to enjoy while we waited for the rest of the attendees to arrive. Once we had a full house of prospective bakers we were shown into the kitchens and introduced to our tutor, Chris. We took our seats and were given an overview of what we would be covering before the class began.

First up was macarons; following along in our recipe booklets and taking notes where needed, we watched as we were shown how to make perfectly domed, dainty macarons. The macarons were piped out onto a baking tray and whilst they were ‘settling’ we moved on to a choux pastry for the eclairs. This type of baking is considerably more technical than I have attempted before so I paid close attention as Chris walked us through the process, step by step. With our recipe booklet and notes in hand, it was over to us! Working in pairs at our ‘station’ we replicated what Chris had shown us. Jen and I opted for a Gift Experience Scotland purple for our macarons and kept each other right as we worked through the tricky recipes.

When it was time for them to go into the oven, it was also time for our lunch break. We joined our fellow class participants at a large dining table where we were served up a delicious homemade lunch, accompanied by a glass (or two!) of wine. It was an informal setting and we were able to compare notes with our fellow bakers – there was a whole range of abilities in our class, from complete beginners to others who sounded like they could have given Mary Berry a run for her money!

After lunch, while the freshly baked macarons and eclairs cooled down, we gathered round to watch a demonstration on how to make marshmallows – this was the part of the class I was most excited about. We were shown how to add different flavours to our marshmallows by using puree – when we were back to our stations, we found marshmallow making was a lot more straightforward than we expected. We opted for fresh mango puree to give it a fruity taste and it smelt divine – we couldn’t wait for our creation to set so we could get stuck in and try it.


The last job for the day, while the marshmallow was firming up, was to pipe the fillings for the macarons and eclairs – this was a messy, but fun, job. Our macarons had turned out really well but unfortunately, our eclairs were a little less polished as we had been overzealous in the beating of the choux. With our culinary creations complete, we packaged up all that we had made into boxes to take home – a sizeable feast to share with our friends and family.

This was a really fun, but informative experience. Both Jen and I learnt a lot and were really impressed with our end products. The full day cookery course is an excellent experience, suitable for all levels of ability and with the range of different styles of class available, this course is a great gift for any lover of food.