An Evening of Ghosts & Ghouls, for two people

  • A tour of Edinburgh's old town than combines history and horror
  • Descend down in to the infamous Edinburgh Vaults - one of the most haunted places in Britain!
  • At the end of the tour enjoy a complimentary drink in a cosy underground tavern

Wrapped up in our winter warmers on a T&T1chilly February evening, the brave Gift Experience Scotland team anxiously waited at the Mercat Cross on the High Street for our ‘Evening of Ghosts and Ghouls Tour’ to begin.

We were met by our extremely enthusiastic tour guide who welcomed us and the rest of the group who were venturing out to explore the eerie side of Edinburgh…

The tour initially explores famous Edinburgh landmarks with the tour guide explaining the horrible history that lurks behind the beautiful buildings and winding alleys. We heard stories of murders, hangings, whippings and ghostly apparitions T&T2– as the tour progressed, the group definitely bunched closer together!

For the second part of the tour, our guide led us to the hidden part of Edinburgh, down in to the infamous Blair Street Underground Vaults. As soon as we began our decent underground, the atmosphere turned eerie. The Blair Street Vaults are steeped in history and rumour has it that some of the previous residents are still in occupancy…
T&T4With our guide leading the way and telling more stories of dark deeds, we explored the candlelit vaults – feeling just a little bit unnerved! Underground, it is surprisingly warm and there’s a constant dripping noise from water in the streets above leaking through – this all adds to the already spooky environment. At one point, when we were in the darkest corner, surrounded by damp gloom on all sides, inexplicably half of the group heard a male’s voice give out a short, sharp scream!!!

As we ascended the steps out of the vault we were lead into a cosy room for a seat and offered a well-deserved drink to calm our nerves (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks offered). As we enjoyed our beverages, we had the opportunity to discuss any supernatural sounds, sights or feelings that we had during the tour – a great way to finish off a fantastic and hugely entertaining evening.