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Hovercraft Experience for one, South Glasgow

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  • Learn to fly one of the most difficult vehicles to manoeuvre
  • Negotiate the slalom and Hovercraft assault course
  • 30 minutes flying time

Is it a car, is it a plane? Well, it’s neither! There are no brakes, gears, reverse or wheels – and because a hovercraft is amphibious, you get to fly the hovercraft over land and water. These craft have taken part in F1 hovercraft racing and pack a powerful Rotax engine so they have epic acceleration and are capable of reaching speeds of 30mph.

Upon arrival at the activity centre you’ll be greeted by your instructor, after a brief tuition session you’ll be flying your own personal hovercraft and learning the unique way these craft handle. You’ll find that flying a hovercraft is truly a unique experience, hovering just inches above the ground!

Riding on a cushion of air you’ll be skimming the surface at up to 30mph, navigating a custom built hovercraft course. Ride paths and wizz over obstacles; this is a truly off-road experience and it’s a blast! You’ll find that stopping a hovercraft is actually the most fun as it requires a 180 degree turn… on full power!

This gift voucher entitles the holder to a 30 minute hovercraft session including full tuition and all safety equipment.

Available at 1 locations:

This voucher entitles one person to the experience

Experience Duration:
30 minutes hovercraft time plus 20 minutes preparation

Maybe affected by local weather conditions, check on the morning of the experience

Minimum age 16, Runs seasonally April-September-selected weekends

This experience is suitable for spectators

This voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase


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I found the owners and staff very friendly and helpful and that they both went the extra mile to help us. Our son was enthralled with the planes coming in and out of the airfield. I received very good tuition on the hovercrafts and found that the cross country course was great fun and would do it all again.... many thanks
John S, September 26 2013

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